Chemical Peel in Jacksonville


Park Avenue Dermatology uses a chemical peel in Jacksonville to exfoliate dead layers of outer skin cells and reveal glowing, healthy skin. This safe, painless skin treatment uses salicylic acid, lactin acid and resorcinol to create a medical grade rejuvenation for sun damaged skin leaving you with a youthful glow. This peel removes a thin top layer of damaged skin cells which stimulates cell division for a softer, healthier looking face, neck, chest, back, arms or legs. Our aestheticians often use facial peels to soften fine lines, reduce acne outbreaks, even out skin tone coloration or lighten hyperpigmented areas.

Patients typically note a burning sensation after the peel that’s similar to sunburn. Living in Jacksonville, Orange Park or Fleming Island, it is always important to use a sunscreen after any resurfacing as the skin is more susceptible to sun damage after exfoliation. Based on your particular skin type and condition, multiple peels or other skin treatments may be required to meet your cosmetic goals.

Dermatologists often recommend a chemical peel as a mild treatment to free debris from blocked pores to improve a patient’s acne condition. Typically, there is little to no downtime, and most patients do notice immediate changes following each treatment. For additional information about our chemical peels in Jacksonville or to schedule a visit at our Orange Park or Fleming Island office, call Park Avenue Dermatology at 1-904-541-0315.

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