Today, Mohs Surgery has become one of the most effective options for treating Mohs cancer. This technique combines a very high cure rate with the exceptional protection of normal and healthy skin. The therapy and Mohs surgery usually depend on the size of the tumor and microscopic characteristics of the tumor as well as the general health conditions of the patient. Once the Mohs surgery is complete, and the tumor has been entirely removed, your surgeon may refer you to another physician, who can help you monitor your remission.

This technique can be used anywhere on the body. The Dermatologist/Mohs Surgeon removes a small amount of the biopsy-confirmed skin cancer and looks at the tissue under the microscope. If all the malignant areas or border are removed there is no need for further excision, thereby limiting the size of the scar. Of course, if there is still evidence of cancer cells, the Mohs Surgeon will have to remove more tissue; however, the scar size remains small.

The procedure of Mohs surgery involves a continuous series of surgical excision from microscopic tests to assess if any tumor cells remain. Some tumors may appear small on clinical examinations but, may have an expanded invasion. Therefore, it is hardly possible to predict a particular size of the tumor until the Mohs surgery is complete.

At Park Avenue Dermatology, we pride ourselves in early detection of skin cancer so that you get the best treatment.  Mohs surgery is done in an office setting under local anesthesia. Treatment can often be completed in several hours or less. This is especially important for our elderly patients, or those who cannot endure the risks of general anesthesia.

Types of skin cancers successfully removed with Mohs surgery:

1) Skin cancers near cosmetically important areas like nose, lips, and eyelids.

2) Cancer approximately 1.5 inches or larger on the face.

3) Skin cancer with undefined borders.

4) Other failed cancer treatments

5) Areas where there may be a build-up of scar tissue.

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