Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Skin cancer can also develop in the cells of the upper epidermis (squamous cells) and are responsible for about 16% of the skin cancers diagnosed each year. This form of skin cancer is often linked to long term over-exposure to sunlight or tanning beds. SCC skin tumors often appear as a:

  • Scabby or Crusted Patch of Skin
  • Scaly Skin with a Red Base
  • Skin Ulcer That Never Heals

Squamous Cell Carcinomas can develop almost anywhere including the genitals or inside the mouth. Early diagnosis and treatment of squamous cell skin cancers are important interventions to prevent lesions and tumors from spreading (metastasis) to other parts of the patient’s body. If you have a scabby or crusted patch or a skin ulcer that won’t heal, call Park Avenue Dermatology at 1-904-541-0315 to schedule an appointment in Orange Park or Fleming Island.

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