Laser treatments are the safe use of light to treat various skin disorders, like psoriasis and rosacea. Lasers can also treat skin tone irregularities such as vitiligo, freckles, and spider veins.

Laser resurfacing to rejuvenate skin is an exciting way to treat wrinkles. We at Park Venue Dermatology are experts in laser treatments and have state-of-the-art laser equipment. We are also highly experienced at treating all ethnic skin types with laser therapy.

Heat has also been used safely in medicine since the beginning of recorded history. Here at Park Avenue Dermatology we use heat to tighten the skin causing wrinkles, i.e. ThermageĀ®.

Today, dermatologists use laser treatments for spider veins, hair removal, birth marks and skin disorders such as vitiligo, and cosmetic resurfacing and rejuvenation. Basically, laser treatments provide dermatologists with a safe, non-invasive approach to managing many skin conditions including the effects of aging. Our qualified staff of technicians is trained in using the latest technology to:

  • Resurface your skin
  • Soften Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Tighten Your Facial Skin
  • Eliminate Spider Veins
  • Reduce Spots from Sun Damage
  • Improve Appearance of Rosacea
  • Correct Dark Circles
  • Repair Acne Scars
  • Smooth the Jaw Line
  • Stimulate Collagen Growth

Results from laser treatments vary and some procedures can only produce temporary solutions but the risks are low and the patient’s recovery time is typically much shorter than the simplest surgical intervention. From subtle to dramatic, dermatologic improvements are usually immediate but can vary based upon your problem and skin type. If you are considering laser treatments, Jacksonville’s Park Avenue Dermatology can explain the advantages of laser ablation and skin resurfacing. Give us a call today at 1-904-541-0315 to schedule your consultation.

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